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Meet your coach for this online course...
Lindsay Reid
...I help people find body acceptance, food freedom and self-belief.....even if they've struggled for years 
Back in my mid-twenties (a while ago now!), I went through years of feeling so self-conscious about how I looked that it stopped me from doing things I wanted to do. 

I never felt like I deserved to be fully visible in life. 

And for two years I was controlled by the point where I would sometimes turn down offers to meet friends for dinner because it didn't fit in with my food plan for that day.

I had gained weight, and was unhappy. So I lost lots of weight through a very restrictive diet, and...yep, I was still unhappy - in fact I was probably even more unhappy then because not only was my overall unhappiness still there, I was depriving myself of the foods I enjoyed in case I put weight back on....and that made me feel even worse!

For me - and for most of us - my unhappiness was actually nothing to do with what I weighed. 

It was about other aspects of my life that I was choosing to ignore, thinking everything would be fine as long as I looked a certain way.

So if you're currently trying to change your body shape to feel happier about life I know how you feel. And I know it's not a nice place to be.

I realised over time that no amount of obsessing over how I looked or what I ate was ever going to make me happy.

And I realised what WAS going to make me happy - living my life and enjoying it.

You see, I also realised something's my job to be me. 

I look the way I look and I can either accept it and enjoy my life, or I can tell myself stories that cause me distress...stories like 'I should be slimmer' or 'I should look younger' or 'I should be prettier'. 

So I chose to accept it and enjoy my life. And I chose to enjoy food.

And now I've found a wonderful sense of balance and freedom in my life and my food choices.

I started running Body Confidence Live events around the country, and then became a certified body confidence and life coach because I simply can't bear for people to be stuck in the same way I was, or worse. 

To be stuck feeling like you're not good enough. Or to be stuck on yo-yo diets that are making you miserable.

Life doesn't have to be that way.....I have proved it and my clients prove it time and time again. 

So now I want to help you in the same way that I help others..... and the great news for you is that I am offering you much of this life-changing info through this amazing discount on my online course!

How long does this course take to complete?
The video modules themselves are quite short so that they are easy to follow and there's not too much to take in all at once. Within each video there are activities to do so the idea is that you pause the video and pick it back up again when you're ready. The whole course can be completed in a few hours. Or you can take as long as you like to work through the modules. It's entirely up to you!
Does your coaching help people lose weight?
I work with clients on understanding and improving their relationship with food rather than specific weight loss goals. However, often my clients do lose weight while working with me because they learn to make food choices that serve them better and they learn to understand and change some of their behaviours around food. Eating more in line with how we want to feel, and learning to listen more to our bodies, helps our body find its optimum weight.....and often this is a lower weight than we end up at through yo-yo dieting.

Can you guarantee that I will feel better about myself?
I can guarantee that you'll feel more positive even by taking the step to do this course, and that by doing it you will learn a variety of information and activities that can help you feel better very quickly. Ultimately, we all have to do the work ourselves on the things we learn but the important thing is to put ourselves in that position in the first place.

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